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Default Re: My 4870x2 vs 4870 tests

Flatout UC with default 8.52 drivers was average, it looked like second core wasn't working at all, but with the 8.54 drivers it works much better, with 8xAA at 1920x1200 it falls to 40-45 FPS when there is lots of action, but remains between 50 and 60 FPS all the time.

And I have found something really strange with CCC 2.21. I have started playing a normal game and performance was a bit slowe than DX9, but much better than DX10. However, as soon as I reached the scene where you must shut down the radar (just when sun rises after you find your dead buddy), framerate was cut in half, and fan noise was reduced. If I alt-tabbed out the game and back again, framerate was back to normal, but after some seconds, bad performance again. It looked like one of the cores of the card was being disabled inside the game.

With 8.54 drivers it does not happen anymore, Crysis with CCC 2.21 peformance is constant, but a bit lower than 8.52. I will run some full Crysis benchmarks now.

EDIT: I can confirm with 8.54s performance is a bit slower on Crysis DX9, CCC 2.21 was about 32 FPS and now it's 30 (with all antialiasing levels). Performance is lower in Assassin's Creed too, and is cut in half in Call of Juarez DX10 benchmark. Don't like those drivers at all, I hope 8.8 are released soon
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