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Default Re: Building Another HTPC

I tried PureVideo again but for some reason it's just too dang choppy for MPEG-2 M2TS streams go figure that a software solution (Mainconcept) is more smooth lol!

Finally got Black Hawk Down encoded the way I want (first try it didn't detect the video as progressive > and dropped my framerate from 23.976 to 19!!! Ugh chop-city - this is the reason I'm back to using DGIndex to verify that it's progressive), 39GB's down to 11.5GB's (AC3 only tho, no LPCM *tear*), now that's how you save space! Visually I could not tell the difference between the BR original and my re-encode. I <3 this. All I need now is a dual harpertown encoder box and I'll be in heaven hehe, using my main machine atm is teh sux.

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
normally i would agree, stay away from stuff like klite codec packs. but Vista Cocec Pack is very basic.

FFDSHOW 32bit/64bit
Halli Media Splitter
XVID + 64bit extension
RealMedia Support

that is pretty much all, it has every component that i would normally install. Just in one simple pack.
I've actually started shying away from FFDShow at least for the time being. Really my only use for FFDShow at this time would be to attempt to enhance a DVD-level res video and even then you've gotta go in and tinker on a per-DVD basis. I don't mind doing such things once on a re-encode, I would rather not do it on a viewing basis as I would be changing settings more then actually watching movies hehe.
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