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Default Re: Building Another HTPC

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
i use gabest for mpeg2, had few issues with mainconcept in the past.
I did initially but after setting merits/blocks in MPC's external filters all is well.

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
about the progressive thing, that is a common problem when converting HD-DVD to BR. Especially with VC1 and H264 steams. It is easier to fix on VC1 thanks to VC1conv utility that removes the pulldown.

on H264 sometimes can be abit more tricky sometimes.
Pulldown's are a pain in the *bleep*.

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
i also see no difference when re-encoding huge movies. if done properly there really is little to no difference.
Tru dat, the only cruddy part with BR are the subtitles, the whole idea of "image" based subtitles was a bad idea IMHO. SupRip's OCR is less-then reliable most of the time so I've pretty much given up hope on some BR subtitles (especially ones where they differ from DVD).

I'm all BR -> 264 MKV atm as I don't have any HD-DVD's, once I get caught up on my BR's I will start re-doing some of my older DVD's that have yet to make it to BR, I'm shying away from buying any HD-DVD since the format is dead.

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
about the re-encoding, I have quad core phenon server/media server that i use for encoding. around 30-40% then my intel machine, but atleast the intel system is free to other things.
I've got an encoder machine lined up on NewEgg, but I'm kinda worried especially with the x264 folks talkin about the newer FPGA-based PCI-e cards coming out in the $200-$400 range that will just blow away even CUDA on h.264 encoding. Perhaps if I wait long enuff I can simply parts out my current Gaming box for an encoder box, till then I shall bide my time and just run my re-encodes overnight heh.

Ran into a nice little problem with DGIndex last night w/Ocean's Thirteen (VC-1), found out it can't do VC-1 at all. Luckily the analyze in AVISynth detected all progressive (as I suspected it would). I hadn't watched my BR copy of Ocean's 13 until I started working on the now I realize why it was so low rated on PQ.
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