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Default Re: World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King

Originally Posted by kazna View Post
Warriors are the anti lock. Always have been. Sub rogues are a close second, but the fear immunity of warriors combined with MS to keep their SL and Drain Life in check allows them to just rape locks. This coming from a warrior.
Oh hell yeah. When I played my warrior I could take a lock out easy.

Warriors have a major counter though, its the same one they've always had. Frost mages.
I remember when warriors could not kill shadow priests. Now they eat us up with no problem. It's no big deal. I am happy shadow priest will get an ability to have their psychic scream turn into psychic horror. Eat that warriors.

We also get a new aoe spell, mind sear. I'll judge this one when I get it.

Oh and improved shadow form has a 100% to remove all movement impairing affects when fade is used. LMAO! That is friking nuts. Oh and that means for pvpers we will spec into improved fade which reduced the cool down by 6 seconds and down to 26 seconds. Now undead priests have will of the forsaken, movement trinket, dispel (for some movement impairing spells) and now improved shadow form. LOL I hope this works against hamstring. This gives us a better chance to get out of sticky situations.

Druids can spec into feral charge and get a perma CC rotation going. While I think this is fine, the real problem is that they can maintain healing on their partner while doing it. This is what makes druids OP in 2v2 Arena. Their presence in 3v3 and 5v5 is much smaller. Druids serve a key role in PvE as well, but they're hardly OP.
No that cyclone **** needs to be removed from the damn game. Oh and the ****ing stun they get from moonspam is also bs. F druids and F blizzard for making them Black Temple level bosses.
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