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It's a bit late here, but I thought I would add in some useful information.

On the NVidia website, in the NForce drivers (for Linux) section, there are 2 different rpm files to download, one ends in a 6, the other a 9 (I'll refer to them like this from now on). The 9 has a note that it is for Kernel Upgrade.

I tried installing the 6 and then eventually the 9. I get further with the 6 installation.

Here are my steps:

- Open the Internet Config Wizard
- Choose Ethernet
- Choose "nvnet (etho0)"
- Keep settings the same (Automatically find IP address, etc)

After I finish this, it sends me into the Network Configuration dialog, the device has a status of "inactive". I try to activate it, and I get this message: "nvnet device eth0 does not seem to be present, delaying initilazation".

I never get any further than this. Any suggestions? Thanks for your time!
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