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just to add to the list... i am another end user with the flicker problem....

p4 2.26ghz, intel850e w/rdram 1066 1GB

msi gf-fx 5900 ultra 256mb

Only happens in games.... and all games (UT2k3, WC3X, SWG, VICECITY).... also happens on certain dx9sdk demos but not all.

the "flicker" is like a switching between light and dark, it does not look like normal moniter flicker.

the flickering speed varies proportionally to framerate, if not 1to1 with framerate

flickering is easily apparent on my CRT on the dSUB.....

also when i play games on my LCD on the DVI.... it causes flickering on my CRT on the dSUB, even when the game is being played fullscreen on my LCD on DVI...

on game loading screens, the flickering is sporaditic and happens in bursts as the "loading bar" changes. (Warcraft3)

sometimes when the camera is pointed one direction, the flickering is completly gone, yet when i point another direction the flickering returns (Star wars galaxies)

tried tons of drivers, updated my mobo bios.

the card is in RMA at the moment so i havnt tried the new nvidia driver just released but i doubt it will fix.


i just thought id share my situation and add my name to the list of troubled fx5900 users.

i hope nvidia finds a fix soon. i miss my lovely (yet flickered) framerates i was getting :/ plus i spent alot of cash on the sucker and cant use it.

- Duck
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