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Default Re: Upgrade from an 8800gt?

Originally Posted by cvearl View Post
4870 is in fact the equivalent to GTX260 but if his comfort zone is nVidia, he should go that route.

The "dedicated PPU" is not a reason for a card selection at this point. Could be down the road but "could be's" are something we get alot of in the PC gaming world.

I agree. Like DX10.1, PhysX is in its infancy, though I do feel PhysX has more of a head start. Here's the difference though. DX10.1, by all accounts, should increase performance. PhysX, if I understand, would decrease performance as opposed to not using it. And, if devs start to use this heavily, today's cards will likely struggle on the PhysX games of tomorrow.

On their own merits today, both cards are outstanding for their price range. I no longer feel that one is head and shoulders above the other, so buy the one that, as CV stated, is in your comfort zone.
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