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Default Re: Crysis and paging file

Originally Posted by Lfctony View Post
BTW Niuk, I understand your pain to install the S1283 on that board... I have a same cooling solution (same circupipe) on my board... It's a bitch!
hehe thanks ^^
[off topic]Yeah I think I cut every part of my hands while trying to put it correctly...[/off topic]

Back on topic, here's the topic on crymod's forum where some people experienced the same problems than me with rygel's texture update

the only problem is you should really update the texturepak1, I've got a gtx280 but it's still eating all graphics memory which causees lagging, so updating it would be really nice
Please OPTIMIZE or do something with the Part01.pak files, when this is installed in crysis, i have extremely choppy frames, took Part01.pack out of crysis and everything is fine now.
I can barely play crysis with this mod lol..... I turn one second then it freezes a little bit then it loads and repeats. The texture size is probably to big for my comp to handle. I normally play on very high at 1920x1200 with smooth gameplay but this is just unbearable. Maybe 512mb on my 4870 isnt enough????? Maybe its just my computer...
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