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Default Re: GTX 280 screeching...

Originally Posted by SuperCow View Post
Hi there. I had same prowith GTX 280. And indeed it is problem with the power supplies (i heard those noises also in my psu). And i thinkt that ive found a solution on some polish forum. Try to turn on the VSync in games and Triple buffering. It helped me. Its because high end cards your card will generate only that amount of fps that your lcd can show. Otherwise it wil generate as much as it possible (f.e. in Crysis can reach even 5000fps - that what i have read) and to generate such many fps need many watts. So that why it make so many noise. I hope that will help you as well. Good luck lads
This is true. The screeching is louder the higher the frame rate. I turn Vsync on whenever I can with the 280, makes the screeching go away by keeping the frame rate at 60fps...
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