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Default Re: NVIDIA says it will win back performance leadership this year

What Can Nvidia to win back performance leadership...
they thought that GT200b would be enough to beat ATi, and they were planing to release GTX260+ and GTX280+. But know when they already tested it, they understand that GTX260+ won't beat 50X2 and GTX280+ won't beat 70X2.
What they have left to improve in their video card's...
They will use GDDR5 memory, or introduce GTX280GX2...
if they will go with GDDR5 memory, I's very likely that they make a new series out of it (GTX300).
so as I have said above, we can also see GX2 version. even Bryan Del Rizzo mentioned it:
To some people maybe, but it took two of their GPUs to beat one of ours. We have had dual GPU cards and it's feasible that it may happen again."

Future will tell....
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