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Default Re: Upgrade from an 8800gt?

Originally Posted by Intel17 View Post
Eh, nothing really, to be perfectly honest. I mean, I'm a huge nerd and love to get my hands on new parts, so if I got a new card, I'd just have fun cranking AA/AF, overclocking, and benchmarking into the wee hours of the night
There will be a handfull of games that will be smoother on the 260.

Basically games that bench at 100+ fps for you already will not seem to run faster. Especially with vSync enabled. HL2:ep2, FEAR and games like that. Devil May Cry 4 problably stays pegged at 60 fps with vSync right?

Games that are simply RTS's that dont really need over 30 fps are already there on your 8800GT. Like WiC and COH.

But then there is heavier games you might see a difference in. If you play them that is...

Grid Maxed out with AA? Not sure an 8800GT can stay pegged 60fps at all times. Get a touch stuttery in some places?

Cryis at all HIGH at your res not the smoothest experience but on a 4870 (I dont own a 260) will hang in the mid 40's and feel fairly smooth.

Mass Effect maxed out with AA might not stay pegged at 60fps. I did not get to play it on my 8800GT so I cannot be sure.

I think you are right on the fence depending on your tolerance and the games you play.

Ask for a new 22" monitor! 1680x1050 Widescreen may not seem like fun until you used it for a few nights. Then the 19" will seem restricting.

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