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Default GeForce 9800 GX2 on Linux: apparent crash

Hi all,

I posted an article, and realized I probably should have posted
it here, as it is Linux-specific. Instead of reproducing it, here's
a link to the original (it has attachments, too):

The bottom line is that my new 9800 GX2, working fine under
Windows, is having trouble under Slackware 12.1, resulting in
what seems to be a machine crash at X startup (black screen,
no response to any keystrokes, network inoperable, etc...).
There is an error in Xorg.0.log (INVALID MEM ALLOCATION), but
its followed immediately by a "Corrected" message, and the
rest of the log seems OK. I've tried all the suggestions in the
README and "Common Problems" to no avail. The nvidia
module compiles fine and seems to load OK, and I've tried
both the 173.14.05 and 173.14.12 drivers, same issue regardless.

Can anyone help ?
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