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Default Re: List the WoW classes that need to be nerfed or buffed

You'd hate me as a resto druid. Last night I kept f*cking with this rogue and warrior on the island while in my pvp resto spec. I killed both of them individually, then later I started kiting both of them at the same time towards the guards. Now the guards attack me as well as them, but I just throw 3 lifebloom and a rejuv on myself and the guards don't do enough damage to kill me, they just shove me out to the ocean and then leave me alone. The rogue and warrior? No such luck, the guards bounce them around until they are dead, giving me honor points and costing them gold. I kept doing this over and over again

Most of the time when I fight rogues as resto they realize its a hopeless battle and CloS/vanish after I have them down to 20%. The little bastards love to run away and hide so much. Warriors on the other hand are screwed, they can't run away.
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