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Default Re: nVidia driver + hibernate = no go?

Hi Kirurgs,
I have a similar T61 and a Quadro NVS 140 card on Fedora 9 x86-64 and suspend (pm-suspend) works ok with 177.13. I still have some randoms lookups related to the wireless network driver (did you try to suspend with wirelles disabled?) but otherwise for me 177.13 is very reliable (and fast - 12-13 sec for suspend/resume).
I had some problems first - blank screen on resuming (actually it was resuming after 2-3 minutes of blank screen) but apparently it was a bios bug - and suspending by not using s3_bios cured it.
As far as I remember I had only to change the pm-suspend mode (to tell it to not use the bios initialization upon resume) , disable the USB modules (before suspend and re-enable them on resume), and tweek some other minor things - vbetools and addd some hal quiks.
I will try to remember exactly what I did (and maybe we can compare configurations).

P.S. For me hibernate is not working - but I haven't really looked for solutions yet.
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