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Default Re: Jedi Outcast Issues

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
I recently reinstalled Jedi Outcast and I am having some horrible issues with it. The graphics look horrible and I get performance drops constantly while playing. My laptop should be more then enough to play the game. Is this an issue with Vista 64 and Nvidia?

The graphics look like its running on 16bit and the textures look all muddy.

Nevermind about the graphics issue, seems like the game stayed at the resolution I choose once ingame... so was playing at 640x480 when I wanted 1600x1200. Performance still sucks...
i'm using the latest drivers on nvidia's website and i also just recently went from xp to vista 64.

if extension limit doesn't help (i'm not using it), then maybe try setting conformant texture clamp to off.

however, i just recently installed 2 opengl titles, mdk 2 and fakk2 and they both run extremely well at absolute max settings, 1600x1200, nhancer with 16xs fsaa, and dxt3 instead of dxt1.

on a 8800 gt btw, memory @ 1780, core @ 650, fan speed 100%, load temps ~58-63 C, idle 41.
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