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Default Re: Upgrade from an 8800gt?

Intel, I have one tweak you should know about MisterMister's post. The 9800GTX by itself may give you, at most, a 20-25%% boost over your 8800GT. I feel that's not worth $185. IMO, get the monitor first, then decide after using it if you still want a GPU upgrade. If you still want one at that point, at the very minimum, get a 9800GTX+. It costs about the same as a 9800GTX (you can get them as low as $170 after rebate on Newegg), and will give you a 30-40% boost over the 8800GT.

I'm not a fan of marginal upgrades though. If you want to upgrade past an 8800GT, the best value is probably the GTX260 or HD4870, which both go slightly over $250. So get the monitor first, then see if you're having issues with GPU performance.
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