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Default Re: Diablo 3: What character types would you want see?

Lets be honest, the characters between WoW and Diablo II had some common themes, though the skill sets, how skills are worked, out, etc have different specifics. Nonetheless, what evolved out of what is kinda obvious. Take for instance the druid, which is in both. Specifically they are different (no healers/resto in Diablo II), though shape shifting in concept wasn't all that different from wolf and bear druids in DII. As different as they are (no tanking concepts in Diablo II either), it's kinda obvious how in concept, the developers had Diablo druids on their mind almost from a starting point. However, they built it up more, gave it other stuff, and then fit it into a new game environment.

The mage, sorcerer, yes looking at skills/talents one can get some specific differences, but on a more general level, they're rather similar in idea. The martial arts assasin and the rogue (and yet rogues have some things like lockpicking, and not others such as a teleport/attack); albeit the hunter picked up the traps of the assasin (and yes the mechanics are different on how it works), and the pets the druid could have (well the druid's were summoned), and kinda lumped them together. Even a barbarian and a warrior can somewhat be looked at as different guises for the same thing, in the most general sense (baring specifics such as tanking for instance again). Paladins are in both, DII and WoW as a class, though with different specifics again...

Probably, something similar will happen. Some of the thinking that went into WoW might pop up in selecting chars, but different game and genere, the mechanics will very. Afterall (and baring that employees have changed somewhat), the people who thought up the ideas for one, sorta "share" their own minds with themself, when getting creative on something else. One thing has a way of sorta developing/evolving out of another.

But this said, if things do have some loose similarities (ala a mage vs a sorcerer); I'd expect the mechanics of the game to probably force them to be about as dis-similar in how you actually play them as well.
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