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Default Re: EA exec warns against suing file-sharers

In a manner of speaking; if things had gone the sueing route (outside the fact that many recipients can be in countries for which US courts have no legal jurisdiction, or power to coerce someone to appear); if things went such a strong arm tactic, some could design as "feature" clients which spoof an IP address while allowing an internal mapping (on an over-seas server in a country with no legal responsibility to appear to a US court) to deliver it to the right place. The logs could be routinely purged, and not archived for posterity.

The days I was taking network security. We had classmates, who for some class assignments had the idea of turning a class assignment into a spoofed telnet server, which looks legit to point of asking for username and password (it wasn't one, and no real login); and then just let people to a command prompt on any input, while logging whatever they typed to a text file for latter viewing.

Hell, it was the suites of Napster which resulted in things going to a more distributed and de-centralized approach. Almost proxy servicing the IPs/mapping them out, while spoofing fake ones to be displayed to clients/put in the download tracker would be sorta a next logical step to that. And if the mapping file is routinely purged, so old mapings don't persist in record...
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