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Default Re: World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King

Originally Posted by jeffmd View Post
I'll admit, im currently in a guild who is currently working on reliquary of souls, so we have the means and the manpower to do end game content and are working our way to new content for us, if your not in a guild that is really doing anything more then kara and struggling for people to start 25 man's, it can get pretty stale.
I found the other dude to be a pain. The one where people are turned into a ghost, then have to kill theirs before it wipes the raid. Course having a 10 year old monitor which was losing it's ability to illuminate things so well, in shades of blue didn't help much. A new monitor might actually help better.

RoS isn't too bad; though with my guild Archi took a little doing (several people have got t6 helms though); largely because if one person messes up on tears or anything, it almost invariably wipes the raid, not just the 1 individual. It's a serious retard check though.... Council took some weeks doing, and one week after several attempts we sold the raid ID to a current Sunwell guild, who brought most of their people and some of ours, to help our guild learn council. We got it the next week. I don't think Illidan himself was yet downed, though the last 3 weeks I've been sorting out moving, so will need to re-connect with my guild. Personally I've done up through RoS (wasn't there for Mother) in BT, and have downed all in MH, including Archimonde.
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