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Default Re: No 3D Performance - Card faulty?

Originally Posted by Forsure View Post
Hi guys,

Im by no means an overclocker, ive just started looking into but havent really done anything yet.

Ive bought a new rig with MSI n280GTX (see below insig for a brief) but when i assembled it and installed the OS with all the drivers (using 177.79 beta driver for GTX280) i dont seem to have any performance from the card.
For one latest beta drivers is 177.89 which fix's alot of stuff on proformance with gpu cores.

get nvidia power pack with v117.83 driver

beta driver up to date v117.89 Has " OpenGL 3.0 "
PS: read the small prints on that page about OpenGL 3.0.

Nvidia site is like months behind on beta drivers as thy never seem to update them unless a new cards coming out.
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