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Default Re: Upgrade from an 8800gt?

Originally Posted by Medion View Post
It's a die shrink. At the same clocks, the "+" consumes less power and outputs less heat. Also, due to the shrink, it's capable of higher clocks, overclocked or not.

I run a 9600GT, which is on average, 15-20% slower than the 8800GT. I run all of my games at 1680x1050, 16xCSAA, 16xAF. Most games are locked at or near 60fps. Grid is 35-40 fps. Obviously if I owned Crysis, I'd be disappointed. Bottom line is, his 8800GT should be fine, since it's an upgrade over what I have. A 9800GTX, "+" or not, will offer the same boost over his 8800GT, as his 8800GT currently offers over my 9600GT.
Ya. Pretty much depends on games played and tolerance for fluidity of framerates balanced with AA and AF settings and so on.

At 1680x1050 wtih AA and AF, some games might struggle a little on an 8800GT. At least in my personal experience as far as trying to stay pegged at 60fps that is. On a stock C2D E8400.

COD4 was not always completely smooth for me maxed out.
STALKER when using FDR lighting.
Crysis but that goes without saying.
Assasins Creed.
Mass Effect.

There are other examples probably but these are ones I know were not pegged at 60fps on my Superclocked 8800GT. Assasins Creed I can only go by reviewers scores. I dont have it.

The rest I played through.

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