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Default Re: Need help extending T1

Originally Posted by d2thez View Post

So we need to extend a T1 line at my job. The CAT6 run is about 400ft and ethernet taps at around 325 per run.

I was told by our parent IT company to just put a switch in the middle of the run and it would work. No dice, I now have a new office going live on Monday with still no answer.

Does anybody know of any good extender/repeater/amplifier for CAT runs?? Any other solutions?
I don't understand. Are you extending a T1 or are you extending ethernet? They are two completely different things.

Ethernet is simple. You pretty much have three options. 1. Install a switch in somewere in between. This is amateurish but it will work. It doesn't need to be anything fancy, a simple little Linksys will work. Option 2: convert your cat6 to fiber using a copper->fiber ethernet transceiver at each end of the run, and run fiber in between the transceivers. Option 3: instead of using cat6, use fiber for the whole run. Of course you'll need a fiber capable switch at each end.

If you're extending a T1, 400 feet is no problem.

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