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Default Re: Spawning new session leads to crash

Hey, I am hanging in here...did you make any progress with this? Live debugging session with a debugger attached is a rare opportunity to solve a problem because one can see all state.

Let me know if you are not able to reproduce this. It is little tough. But what I do is to start two X sessions in two different users and then from one session as root in a xterm, I start:

while true;do sleep 5;chvt 7;sleep 5;chvt 9;done

Before this I ssh from a different box and attach GDB to X of the session which started the second session.

In each X session, I have a command to switch desktop to next (6 desktops in one session and 4 in the other, all of them with variety of text and images) just throw random text and images to the driver to display: while true;do sleep 6;changeDesktop 1;done

Then, I go back to my ssh session, sip coffee and wait for SEGV....:-)
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