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Default Re: Building Another HTPC

My HTPC is a success so far. Stupid UPS didn't come by my work until 4:30 and I didn't get to start putting it together until midnight last night. So here are a few quick thoughts:

* DVD playback rocks. Upscaling works better on my HTPC than I've ever seen on a PC (I'm guessing it's because of my TV's resolution vs. my higher res LCD). VMC works great with video playback and is easy to use. I watched some Sin City thinking that the DVD quality would blow chunks but I was extremely impressed and surprised to say the least. My Incubus concert DVDs look and sound awesome! Can't wait to see what Blu-Ray playback looks like.

* Playing music is fun, everything sounds great on my 3.1 setup (left, center, right and sub) in the living room. I did have to tweak my Sony system to cater more to the music and DVD difference but after doing that, my music collection sounds wonderful.

* The Lian-Li case is simple, yet awesome. A mATX motherboard fits very nicely and gives lots of extra room for your components to breathe. Temps are pretty low (feel of hand) but I'll have to check my BIOS temps and see what they say.

Now all I need is my 500GB HDD and we will be rockin and rolling with the DVD and music collection. I still can't find my USB cable for my camera so I'll have to post pics later. Sorry guys.
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