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Default Re: Official "I just got my GeForce GTX 280 or GTX 260" thread

well im back... got to play around a bit with my new GTX 280... it appears there is some driver bug as overclocking is not working properly... sometimes it gives higher performance.. sometimes it seems to throttle... mainly in 3dmark06 ive noticed this... games seem to improve fps properly when overclocking... i also tried forcing performance 3d with rivatuner but no luck... seems to be a driver bug as others are having this issue on the evga forums... the temperature is fine with this card (max 85*C and fan went to 80%) so its not a heat issue... its a preoverclocked card with a decent OC so i wont bother much with it until a driver fix is out... the highest i got stable was 684/1404/2484 but I just doubt these clocks are being applied properly in all games are a few benchmarks i ran... all 8800GTX results are with E6400 @ 3.3GHZ... all GTX 280 results are with Q6600 @ 3.6GHZ unless specified:

Crysis 1920x1200 very high custom DX9 (savegame point):

8800GTX @ 594/1566/1950: 28 FPS
8800GTX @ 621/1620/2000: 29.1 FPS
GTX 280 @ Stock NV reference: 40.2 FPS
GTX 280 @ OC2 clocks (650/1404/2326): 41.7 FPS
GTX 280 @ 684/1404/2484: 43.4 FPS

Devil May Cry 4 1920x1200 4xAA/16xAF:

8800GTX @ 594/1566/1950: 81/54/109/60
GTX 280 @ OC2 clocks (650/1404/2326): 137/88.5/176/93

Oblivion 1920x1200 8xAF w/ Qarl TP 3:

8800GTX @ 594/1566/1950: 73 FPS
[Q6600 @ Stock 2.4GHZ] GTX 280 @ OC2 clocks: 64 FPS
[Q6600 @ 3.6GHZ] GTX 280 @ OC2 clocks: 83 FPS
[Q6600 @ 3.6GHZ] GTX 280 @ OC2 clocks + 4xAA: 83 FPS

Lost Planet GTX 280 1920x1200 8xAF:
Q6600 @ 2 cores, GTX @ nv reference: 74.4 FPS
Q6600 @ 4 cores, GTX @ nv reference: 75.6 FPS
Q6600 @ 4 cores, GTX @ OC2 clocks: 81.1 FPS

Q6600 @ 2 cores, GTX @ nv reference: 82.3 FPS
Q6600 @ 4 cores, GTX @ nv reference: 99.2 FPS
Q6600 @ 4 cores, GTX @ OC2 clocks: 101.4 FPS

so a good boost overall... in oblivion im entirely CPU limited even with 4xAA and qarls texture pack 3... i tried other levels too but same CPU limited results... lost planet i tested to see how quad core stacks up since i know its one of the few games to take advantage of it.. more benchies will come later
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