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Default Re: compiz (or other Composite WM ) + glxgears (or other OpenGL app) = crash

I also reported this problem, and in the 177.67 driver the crashing with OpenGL in Native BSD and using Linux Emulation seems to be fixed (have not done a lot of testing, but was able to play ET without issues)... however, whenever I run a wine application (any type of game or demo), I experience the exact same crash. Nothing reported in the logs... X just shuts down. Are you able to fix this problem as well? In wine, it seems like the crash happens the minute the system goes into fullscreen mode. I was trying to run a demo called 1995 (which works fine with the 169.x driver) in an 800x600 virtual desktop... and although I selected to run it in a window, my screen still flicked and went fullscreen, then X crashed.

I'm running BSD 7.x (latest), sources are up to date, no major kernel customizations, other than loading cam and sound. Gnome 2.22 (latest in tree), and compiz. Nvidia 8800 GTS card, and 177.67 driver
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