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Default Re: NVIDIA says it will win back performance leadership this year

When was the last time you owned an ATI card? (be honest)
Almost 12 months ago
I was an ATI owner before buying an Asus 8800

When was the last time I owned an Nvidia card? About 6 months ago.
Really ??
And why should i trust you and what makes you so special in here from all the others...

You have been banned in the past for your behavior if i remember correct (not only against me but against others as well)
What makes you a good example ?

Well the majority in this case includes Nvidia, since that is who I quoted. Which further renders your argument baseless and illogical.
Do i need to make it more clear to you.
I thought that you were smart enough to understand.

I do not care if the majority is Nvidia or ATI or Intel or AMD or from any other company.
If people act like "sheeps" does not mean that i must follow them
I read other opinions but that does not mean that i agree with all of them or trust them
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