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Default Re: GTX 280 screeching...

Mine only seems to screech/whine when I run ATITool. The 3D window and artifact scanner cause my psu to whine like a lil girl. At first i thought it was the card that was making the noise but after reading through this thread I pulled the side panel off the case and stuck my ear up to it and it was deffinitely the psu. This is it's a half decent psu ( i thought it was anyways). Its a Coolermaster pro 750w. So my question is what is making the noise and is it problem that needs to be addressed or not? Do i need a larger psu or is this one adequate?

System specs:
Asus Max Form
Q6700 @ 3.4
2x1 gig dblsided Ballistix 8500 @ 1133
EVGA GTX260 SC @ 666/1458/2214
Coolermaster pro 750w
Rocketfish case Lian-Li rebadge (too cheap to pass up)
Asus Max Formula(bios:907)
Q6700 @ 3.4/Tuniq Tower120
2x1 GB Ballistix @ 1133-5,5,5,15
EVGA GTX260 SC @ 666/1448/2214
collermaster pro 750w
Rocketfish/Lian-li rebadge
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