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Default Re: NVIDIA says it will win back performance leadership this year

Originally Posted by gstanford View Post
My take on this is that its silly/unfair to compare a single gpu product to a multi gpu product, regardless of whether the multi gpu product is nvidia's own (9800 GX2) or the competition (4870 X2).
Exactly. I have a SLI board where I don't use the second slot. It just so happens that the SLI boards tend to be the ones with more other features on them that I want. So certainly from my perspective, it'd make sense to consider GTX 280 x 2 vs 4870 X2.

4870 X2 is SLI on one board, including all the pains that go with SLI incompatibility. I tried the SLI thing recently. The overall tradeoffs for living with an SLI system (one video board or 2) just aren't worth it to me. So AFAIK, the real comparison is GTX 280 vs 4870 and on the game I play most (AoC), the GTX 280 wins.
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