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Default Re: EA exec warns against suing file-sharers

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
i have comcast, no trouble here.

before i had DLS, a small local ISP. they actually disconnected me once. but not because of torrents, torrents where not even around back then.

Once a month or so, I upload family videos and pictures to my FTP server, and then send out e-mail to family members in Poland, German, UK, Canada and Australia to take a look if they wanted to.

that was the reason why they disconnected me, uploading huge files to FTP sites was not allowed. worst ISP I ever had.
Where do you live that you had DLS? Because I had DLS at one point as well because Comcast nor DSL was available and they had their 10/10 wireless and they would throttle me all the time.
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