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Default Re: Can my new 260 GTX card effect CPU core voltage?

Originally Posted by fuelrod View Post
Question: Is it possible my CPU's core voltage could have dropped after adding a 260 GTX video card?

Background: I recently bought a EVGA 260 GTX and after installing it immediately started experiencing crashes (i.e. random system reboots) while playing games. I've tracked it down to the CPU, and if I lower the overclock I don't have any problems. Nothing has changed except the video card and my system was rock solid stable before it was installed. Looking at the core voltage in CPU-z it seems to be lower than I remember it with my previous card. Could adding the 260 GTX cause voltage to the CPU core to decrease? How accurate it that core voltage anyway? The difference between my motherboard bios setting voltage and CPU-Z is 0.04 volts idle and 0.07 under load. When I'm looking at max voltage to the CPU, should I go by motherboard or CPU-z? Any comments are appreciated.

System: Gigabyte P35-DSR3 motherboard, Intel E8400 @ 3.8 GHz, 4GB Corsair memory, EVGA 260 GTX Superclocked, Corsair 520HX power supply.

Yes. When I had a 2900XT I lost about 100mhz off my CPU overclock due to the extra power it was using over my 8800GTS. I was using a 720w Enermax PSU.
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