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Default Re: NVIDIA says it will win back performance leadership this year

Originally Posted by gstanford View Post
Not really the thread for it, but I fail to understand why people see SLI as troublesome. I love it. Sometimes you do need to fiddle slightly with compatability bits (I use nHancer), but overall its not that much more trouble than a single card so long as your hardware is up to the task of running SLI properly.

I myself love it for the SLI-AA modes above all else, performance concerns are secondary (not that I can complain much there either).
Because it is troublesome?

What's more likely to fail, a system running one video card or two? (This is not a trick question). Because several games don't support it. Some don't even work right with it on, including new ones where they haven't spent sufficient time in QC/QA on SLI compatibility. Of the ones that use it correctly, its twice the cost for ~ 30-50% more performance.

I recommend SLI to folks with lots of money who enjoy troubleshooting, or who have 30" LCDs.

There are better AA modes than what a single card offers? Heck, I just have one, and I can do 16x with transparency. Geez, who wouldn't be satisfied with that?
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