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Default Re: Warhammer - Age of Reconing - WAR is coming!

Originally Posted by killahsin View Post
View distance = farther
I haven't noticed this at all. Maybe it is just the beta
higher detail texture mapping on all fronts.
This maybe in the final but certainly not in the beta.
the lighting model is far superior to WoW's.
It isn't on high quality but you can see this for sure.
The amount of polygons on screen is far superior to wows.
much more advanced particle system
a much more advanced animation system with blending
I had not noticed this but I wasn't looking at it either

You can see the dithering on alot of things so there has to be more advanced options on release of the game. But to say theres no difference betweenw ar and wow is silly. It's essentially the same as comparing a 2k model to a 10+k (normal mapped)model
I am talking about the low rez textures in the beta to date. Right now I have not been impress with the graphics. I do like the graphics but it is obvious that they are not on high yet.

I am not a stickler for graphics. I want great game play before graphics. That being said War's graphics are not impressive. Then again I do not think they are trying to be. I think they picked the middle of the road and went for style. I think this is the right choice.

My biggest complaint about the game thus far is I spend most my time waiting for abilities to cool down. Oh and pathing still sucks. LOL I'm sure that will be fixed tho. I still like the game and will pick it up.
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