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Default Re: Warhammer - Age of Reconing - WAR is coming!

Originally Posted by Badboy_12345 View Post
Isnt that a bug with the global cooldown?

the global cooldown is 1.5s (exactly the same as WoWs) but the abilitis reload after 2s

That is going to be fixed in the next patch from what I heard.
I honestly don't know. I just got in the BETA this last Friday. I just noticed that as the wizard or the fire mage guy I was constantly waiting for a cool down. It was annoying but not enough to make me not want to play. I really liked that class. I love slamming my staff down on the ground and a huge fire aoe explosion bursts out. It looks really cool.

Originally Posted by jolle View Post
The normalmapped armors with specularity and everything look really slick.
Been playing Chosen in the closed beta, armor parts look really awesome, the chosen is prolly the awesomest looking thing in the universe to date... Awesomest...
I really like the way the gear looks in War.

Not as contrasted, colorful and glowy as WOW gear, which I guess is sorta cool in its own way, but just dark, awesome, metal, and lots of it.
I HATE the way WoW's armor looks. It is for people who want to look pretty. LOOK AT ME AIM A NEON SIGN AND THE MOaR NEON THE MOaR WASEOMENESS I EXUDE! Everything has to glow bright, spin, rotate, and explode. Friking annoying. I would rather be in rags and kick as than be a Las Vegas casino sign.

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