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Originally Posted by Vanzagar View Post
If you're constantly in close combat hacking and slashing, wouldn't that get boring rather quickly? I think I'd like it for about an hour at a time, but then augment it with some quest solving/troop deployment/strategic play...
I will agree that mindless hack & slash would get old after awhile, while side-quests sound nice they also sound like every other game that I was trying to avoid. Rather then having side-quests instead the user could perhaps have a mini-battlefield display on their screen that shows them how the various lines are doing and "what they can see" of enemy placements.

Perhaps over the period of a battle your "pull" with your fellow men could change making them more/less likely to attempt daring assaults with you. While this could change the course of the battle it could also lead to your dishonorable death as you not only disobeyed orders, but you made a stupid move that led to the loss of the battle. You are such a fool!

The whole "take out the enemy supply lines" side-quest type stuff is a "tried and true" game concept. Such missions are not something you do with thousands of men on a battlefield, it is something that happens with MAYBE a hundred men behind enemy lines. But this game isn't about missions at all, instead it is meant to re-enact large-scale battles where your skills and wits as a player could help turn a losing battle to a victory or the worst defeat in history. And where your choices as a player help define a proud, feared, hated, ignored family lineage.

Know that simply doing nothing would get you nowhere as well, remember you are a Hero. You could hack up 1,000 guys in a battle, but it is the moments in which all seems lost that your true grit shines and where saving the lives of just one of your own men can make you a Hero. You could maybe call such things a side-quest, but idea is that rather then making it blatantly apparent it is all streamlined as part of the game giving the player options, do I save this line from falling, do I hold my ground as ordered, do I push deep into enemy lines to crush their spirit?
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