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Default So why should I buy a GTX280 again?

Gah. I keep going back and forth between

GTX280 - $395US
4870x2 - $534US

Being a gfx *****, I always run at max gfx setting at my native res 19x10 4xAA 16xAF.

Only downside I see from ATI is possible HDTV scaling issues at 1080p, slightly poor FSAA compatibility, heat and my PSU(HX520) may not cut it (add another $130 if it fails to deliver).

My brain says buy the x2 but my gut tells me I'll be more hassle free (I hate doing returns and restocking fees just to try) going 280.

Money isn't too much of an issue but it's pushing the limit if I need different PSU.

Knowing all the above, some one make a decision for me.

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HIS 6970, always 19x10res
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