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Default Re: Warhammer - Age of Reconing - WAR is coming!

Originally Posted by lIqUID View Post
nah, I wasn't referring to you...its the idiots in WOW forums. They are really reaching for an excuse to hate the game, and they don't want anyone else to play it either.

edit. Mark Jacobs talking about Preview Weekend, and yes global cooldown is mentioned.
Dewd! Do not go to the WoW forums. That is a collection of the biggest knobs in the free world. I hate that place with a passion.

I am a fan of all gaming. I give each game a chance, if it has the graphics style and game play I like.

(4) Global Cooldown Timers –This seems to be a hot topic for players to talk about. However, things aren’t always as they seem.
- Reality and perception are two different things, Warhammer has a GCD of 1.4s, WoW has 1.5s
- “Ability not ready” messaging needs to be improve, a sound effect if Global Cooldown in effect, maybe more cowbell?
- Need to improve on the feeling of sluggishness of the GCD and UI. Bug with display where our timer shows 2s when it is really 1.4
- The next best thing to a queue is? We will add in better "slop timer" to allow players 0.3s extra to pre-queue a second ability followup.
That is how it should be. I love pre-queuing.
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