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Default Re: Warhammer - Age of Reconing - WAR is coming!

Originally Posted by killahsin View Post
there is many clear technical aspects to wars graphics over wows.

View distance = farther
higher detail texture mapping on all fronts.
the lighting model is far superior to WoW's.
The amount of polygons on screen is far superior to wows.
much more advanced particle system
a much more advanced animation system with blending

You can see the dithering on alot of things so there has to be more advanced options on release of the game. But to say theres no difference betweenw ar and wow is silly. It's essentially the same as comparing a 2k model to a 10+k (normal mapped)model
This is all probably true. However, it still looks like ass, because their art team seems to have the skill of a retard with a watercolor paint set from walmart.

WoW has low poly models, low res textures, and a DX7 renderer, yet their awesome art design team manages to make stuff look pretty good when working with such crap.

I mean come on, its 2008, you can't make a game look better than 2004 with computers that have 10x the average power and RAM? Fail.
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