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Default Re: My Textureupdate for Crysis is finished

Originally Posted by FastRedPonyCar View Post

With the Mster 3.01 config, and this texture pack @ 1680X1050, no AA, I'm seeing 31fps avg on the benchmark runs.

What's totally confusing (and something that makes me think the crysis benchmark tool is doing something wrong is that despite the performance cfg or the quality cfg file, the benchmark average is within 1 fps of each other.

Stranger still, is that if I turn on 16X MSAA, it still tosses out a 28fps avg benchmark score.

Makes me wonder if it's actually applying these settings or not even using any of the little custom check boxes and options I'm selecting from the benchmark tool.
The benchmark tool is fine, its not applying because in Mster's config the cmd r_useedgeAA is set to 1 or 2 probably.

Go inside and check it out and set it to zero, then msaa should work.
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