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Default Re: New screens from Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising

Originally Posted by Sobbsy View Post
In all honesty what I see here is a fairly average (if not poor) looking game with excessive touchups made for the sake of PR. Typical Codemasters style, I know, but can't we just get ONE stock straight-out-of-the-game screenshot of OFP2? At this point I half expect the final game to ship with a copy of Photoshop and a Codemasters employee that sits there and touches up screenshots in real time to make you think you're playing some kind of really awesome game.


*edit* What do I think is touched up? The smoke and explosion effects, the horribly unevenly blurred grass areas... Many parts of these screenshots just look out of place to me. Hell, if this is truly, really honestly what the final game looks like I'll be pretty bloody surprised!
I don't know if those screens are truely in game or not. But if they are I think it looks really good. Especially that first one.

For the record I don't see any effect there (the smoke, or the depth of field blurring) that can't actually be done in game nowadays.
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