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Default Star Trek online, looking pretty good imo

If the gameplay trailer is any indication this could be very cool. So far I like the graphics, imo the locations could look pretty cool in game. (The character models could probably be a little better though.)

There are so many strange, funky directions they could take a Trek themed mmorg to. Even planets and scenarios from the show's past would be cool.

I like The Next Generation, I think it had a great cast. Pretty much everyone fit their part well. But I really like the old Trek's with Shatner, Nemoy, and the rest. Taken in the context of the times the original was just bad ass imo. People had never seen anything like that on TV before, and a liberal dose of hot chicks helped.

Mmorgs aren't my kind of thing, but I might check this one out to see if they take advantage of the show's potential.
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