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Default Re: Diablo 3: What character types would you want see?

Hate to break it to you father time, but noone gives a **** about D&D...

it simply doesnt apply to video games... they've tried countlessly... and failed countlessly..

diablo is its own franchise, and in its own right is far superior to your book based nostalgia...

or you'd still be playing d&d, i'm sure... why settle for less when you could have more?

Secondly, Diablo fans do not want a new game.. they want, yes, a more refined diablo 2.. and in their videos they have given us JUST THAT.. diablo 2.. new characters.. new items.. new story... new 3d engine... destructable environments

but the game is the same.. all of its core elements..

we dont need to take diablo 2.. and make it world of diablo..

thats the beauty of the franchise...

its perfect.. there are still Hundreds of thousands of players...

and Blizzard is scared that will take out some wow monthly money.

This game isnt coming out for a long while...

And you're wrong... thankfully
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