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I recently got an old TNT2 working in one linux box, so I took the (even older) PCI TNT out and put it in my server (just so it's fast enough to watch the odd movie on....).
Now X locks up sporadically on the server..... Quite frustrating really. Thankfully the server keeps operating perfectly (web server, email, samba, internet routing is all fine). But slower since X is sucking up CPU ( I have to ssh in and kill X).

So far from the thread I have seen it might help to fiddle with NVAGP settings (Not applicable to a PCI tnt), or disable AGPGART (something that *may* help me), or turn renderaccel off.

Does anyone have a definitive cause? Does Renderaccell make much difference in speed? (I really need Xv extensions working to make my video watchable).

I'll try these couple of things when I get home, and see what happens...
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