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Default Re: 4870x2. First impressions

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Some 3D apps, especially in DX10, automatically switched from 1080p 60Hz to 1080i 50Hz and that simply looked horrible. I'd say it's a driver issue.
Looks like not enough people report on it otherwise I believe it would be listed on "Release Notes" as one of the "Know Issues". I guess you also did not bother to get a ticket.
Here LINK for the 8.8 drivers Release Notes.

Since you said "especially in DX10", I assume it was not only. In that case I can say, absolutely no problem with DX9, 1080p 60Hz on my 37" Westy which is a native resolution. I'm not going to get Vista till force into it on my Nehalem upgrade so can't test the DX10 for now.

I did a search at AMD Game Forums and found a thread where couple guys had same problem like you but only on with DX10 titles.

The thread is two pages long and it looks like the two guys complaining about it found very simple solution.
Read 'watcher73' post (08/13/2008 07:14 PM) and 'opethian' post right after:"I can't believe it was that simple! Everything's working like a charm now in DX10 for me too!"

About Crysis, 'watcher73' reported another step still needed "Also, Crysis will only work 1080p DX10 for me if I enter the game, wait till the main menu then press alt-enter." post (08/20/2008 06:53 AM) LINK

Here picture where the resolution are added. I didn't have to do it, guess this will more depend on monitor used.

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