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Default Re: Games that push the graphical limits?

I like games that you can't play at absolute max settings just yet... that way, I can play through it and enjoy a killer looking game and then when I get new hardware, I can play through again with better graphics and still enjoy it.

It's like what's happening for me with the HL2 cinematic mod 8. I've played through several times and loved every minute of it but being able to play through something I already know like the back of my hand with highly overhauled graphics seems to give it a fresh new feel as if I'm playing again for the first time.

Same with oblivion and the Quarls texture pack and add on mods. It refreshes a tired old experience and makes it new again.

Now, while looks do matter, gameplay also matters.. as in, how I can still rip through 2001 Diabo II graphics with the same amount of enthusiasm as I did the day I brought it home from the store and how I can't even make it through an hour of playing PREY or FEAR. I just never really could get into the game play or experience of either of those games despite them both looking really good. I beat both of them in all fairness but just never had a desire to spend any more time with them.

Same with the old NES and super NES games. Looks are always optional but they definately help.
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