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Default Re: World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King

Originally Posted by Mr.Schme View Post
mos def. im in the process of doing so right now. ive put it up many times on craigslist but got weirded out by the people inquiring about the account. i havent done anything yet but beware of people that resemble the following...

have a hotmail/gmail account

first email:

Hi i was wondering if you still have the account? please email me.

second email:

has the account ever been banned/suspended?

third email:

are you the first owner? do you know the secret question/answer?

fourth email:

the deal email, theyll ask for paypal and all that. i dont have the EXACT phrases they used since gmail is blocked on my work computer (dumb huh?), and the last two emails might be in the opposite order. but i've placed the account for sale three times and all three times, different people have been using the exact same questions in the same order using the same words. when confronted theyll dodge the question and wont answer it. strange yes?

i've also read up on scams involving paypal with chargebacks. imagine this, you recieve money from the buyer, the buyer used a credit card, the money is in your paypal account now and you tihnk everything is fine so you release the username, pw, secret question, and secret answer. the account info is out in the open now. a day later after youve tried to transfer the money into your bank account paypal has notified you that the buyer has issued a chargeback, and would possibly get their money back. horrible scenario huh?
Sell it to the big gold farm sites. It is safe and you will get at least some money from the account.
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