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Default 120Hz LCDs?

I'm sort of a stranger to this part of the forums, but I know there are some pretty smart home theater folks around here. I'm looking at buying a new LCD TV and I'm leaning heavily towards the Sony BRAVIA 40" here:

What I'd like to know is what benefits, if any, the 120Hz screens offer. I know most broadcasts are NTSC standard framerate (25-30hz or something?) and video games are about 60Hz or less. Is this a marketing scheme or is there a real benefit? I have read some reviews but LCD screen reviewers tend to focus on technical aspects of the screen rather than information useful to an average buyer. I was hoping I could pick your guys' brains about it.

If there's no major benefit to the 120Hz feature, I'm probably going to go with the 40" 1080p BRAVIA.
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