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I just got a Shuttle sn41g2 (which uses the NVidia NForce chipset), and it had the same problem with the network card not working.

I am very grateful that I found the rpm file posted here and was able to get my RH9 distro working on the net. However, once I updated to the newest kernel update, the network interface quit working again. This was noted in another post, but I was hopeful that doing an update of my system might have some type of fix associated with it by now.

Regardless, I'm a little puzzeled by the lack of support from NVidia. I noticed all these links to Linux drivers, but none of them seem to work. The only successful file I got was from another party, and now I have to be cautious of kernel upgrades.

I must say, I'm a bit disappointed that this didn't go any smother, I always thought of NVidia as a good supporter of Linux drivers and such.

Has anyone found a work around to get the NForce driver (completely) working correctly with linux (specifically RH9)?
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