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Default computer suddenly looses screen output and stalled

'm having a pretty new computer (less than a year old) with GeForce 4 screencard. The computer is stalled a couple of minutes after it is loaded (either winXP or Knoppix-linux). The computer usually looses its screen output but keeps running, then after 15 seconds it's completely stalled (no numlock led turning off is possible). I suspect the GeForce4 as: 1) it's very hot to touch when the computer is running 2) WinXP reports (after the computer is rebooted when stalled) that a major fault as been caused by the Nvidia screencard driver. I'm not sure but it seems to get stalled more quickly after the first fault, maybe it's due to screencard's warming.
I'm pretty sure it's the screencard as replacing it would result a working macine.
Has anyone ever seen a similar phenomena? Any ideas of how to fix it?
Thanks alot....
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