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Default Re: NVIDIA says it will win back performance leadership this year

Well there is quite a bit of truth in that saying (I didn't make it up by any means)...

Did you know that in Utah, it's a state law that you can NOT sell beer which is over 3.2% alc by weight (with very few exceptions)? Anything over 3.2% is considered a "heavy beer" and can only be purchased in special state run liquor stores (which are few and far between, only being found in the largest metropolitan areas such as Salt Lake City). Actually, there are only 37 of those stores in the entire state! This means that even American piss water beer such as Budweiser has to make a special "low alcohol" version of their brews to sell in Utah! This basically means you need to drink twice as much (or more) to get the same effect as the same brand beer bought in any other state.

Oh... and let's not forget the fact that you can NOT buy alcohol of any sort on Sunday.

Yea, I spent a year in Utah one weekend on the way back from a snowboarding trip... I learned my lesson with that little stop.
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